Thursday, November 16, 2006

quick stories

I'm getting ready to run out the door to a roma youth conference in Vidin, Bulgaria, but before i do, I just wanted to share something quick with y'all.

When i got back from athens, I had quite a bit of "lost time" to make up for with my coworkers. I swear we spent 2 days doing nothing but chatting. (okay, so that's actually normal...) anyway, one of the stories had to do with pears. I LOVE pears. I mean, oh man they're good! Sadly this year in Bulgaria, the pear season was really short, and I didn't get to eat many pears. I had asked my coworkers if I'd simply missed the season or if it hadn't come yet, but no dice...just a bad pear year.

when I was in athens, Ivan's (coworker who is like, 50) monther had called my counterpart to tell the american (that's me!) that there were pears in the local outdoor fruit market! I felt very flattered that this guy's mother had thought of me! I've never met the woman, but she knew I liked pears. :) this is one of those moments that gets you through the rough days :)

I think these posts get worse and worse. but blame keith! he's the one who encourages me!!


At 9:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

12,000 miles away, and yes I still control your will. ;)

But in other news, I really did think it was a sweet story!



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