Thursday, May 17, 2007

Plamen Putov

For those of you obsessed with American Idol, you might be interested to know that Bulgaria also has its own version called "Music Idol." The first season is currently airing. Unfortunately I don't have a TV, so I've been missing the show. BUT BUT thanks to, Bulgaria's answer to youtube, I've been able to catch highlights from the show!

Plamen Putov...this boy mostly sings English songs and is AMAZING!!! like, if he wasn' 17, I would probably be in love with him... not sure what this song is called, but you'll know it! performing "Stand By Me"

so, let's mention again that he's 17!! I don't think he studies voice or anything, but he is amazing!!! I don't think I've heard him sing a wrong note yet!!

of course, the sad news is that he got kicked off the show :( The remaining boys aren't nearly as good (Theodor, for example, frequently misses pitch) and the girls are okay. One of the girls, Nevina (I think...) is 15 and is also pretty good!



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