Friday, August 12, 2005

Greetings from Washington DC

of course, it merely took my credit card to sniff out an internet cafe, and while the georgetown holiday inn is hardly bulgaria, how could I resist an update?

Today's travels bring me from the less-than-lovely south dakota in a 6 hour jaunt across the US. After flight delays and a mixup at my hotel, I failed to make the highly anticipated newyork city leg of my trip. SORRY CINDY!!!! how am I going to face two years without that kid? cinday- you had better be saving your pennies for a plane ticket to sofia b/c i am sure you are 10x the friend I am!

other recent debacles; there have been three, count 'em, THREE failed attempts to secure printouts of digital pictures of my friends and family to show to my new friends and family in Bulgaria. I think its some kind of omen...

OH and I called Michael Robie (for all you VUCCer's) on wednesday and he's doing well!


At 3:48 AM, Anonymous Angeline said...

Toni, you are going to be the best ranch-girl-transplant-in-Bulgaria EVER! I miss you already, but I will vicariously live through all the amazing, frustrating, and triumphant times you will have. I love you!!!!


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