Saturday, April 15, 2006

some good news

For the past two months, 90% of my time has been focused on creating a committee on ethnic issues and tolerance within Peace Corps. there have a been a lot of struggles, a few false moves, but mostly, success! So with a lot of passion behind the issue and a good internet connection, i've been working to drive memebership and generate support, while other volunteers have been looking for funding option, creating support in the administration and in their communities.

One of our goals is to help keep a minority-youth camp running and sustainable. This camp, called "Zaedno Napred," (Together, forward) has been going on for several summers, and this year, they are adding a multi-ethnic camp. We are invited applicants from all ethinic background in bulgaria to participate in an informative, educational, and FUN week on the black sea- learning about each other, and how to help groups interact better in their home communities. So back to how the minority committee is helping. This year, the camp is short about $1000, and we need a way to raise it. Instead of asking wealthy Americans or brits who live in bulgaria, we are turning to the "grassroots" level by asking local governments for help. we are also applying for various grants in the area.

and we got one! today I just got word that we recieved our first grant for 500 leva! This is about $320, but its a big deal! some of you may recall that myself and another volunteer used "skype" to help write this project about a month back...thank goodness for technology!

and in other good news, one of my best friends from Vanderbilt just got into the peace corps! her interview was on thursday, and normally, the waiting game would take up to a month. However, they offered her a nomination right on the spot! i have NEVER heard of this in my life, and infact, her interviewer said he'd never done that before! So, Cindy is going to become a teacher in either eastern europe or asia, and will leave in august. WOW! i was really impressed.

so that's what's going on here! send me an email and let me know about you!


At 10:09 AM, Blogger vassi said...

I just gotta say...'You go girl!' All your enthusiasm and hard work and pep and faith have paid off. Yay!


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