Sunday, March 05, 2006

po dobre

A week ago, i was in Stara zagora, thinking about how much i wanted to kill my counterpart, Isai. This week finds me in a different mood- thankfully NOT one of murder and corruption!!! PeaceCorps sat us down with a translator last week, and for the most part, everything was worked out. Some people might file this away as a big mis-communication, but I would say its more accurately described as an unwillingness to communicate. Well, such is life, and there is no point in dwelling on things such as "who was right" etc etc... from the beginning, I have just been anxious to move on and start developing some stuff at work. Hopefully this will start to happen pretty soon!!

Other things that have brightened my mood are recent visits by near and dear b18s- PCVs from my group! as friday was a holiday, apryl from rakitovo came to pernik!!! we ate yummy traditional bulgarian food on friday and also enjoyed some wine. On saturday, i made BIG plans for us to take a hike up to the famous "krakra fortress!" This fortress was a medieval structure used to protect the city of Sredets from Byzantine threats. The early town of pernik gained and lost importance throughout history, but the remenants of this fortress- with its reinforced walls and turrets- prove a lasting reminder of the theaters of war in europe. whoops, got sidetracked! anyway, after making sure we'd eaten something and loaded our bags with snacks and water, apryl and I started off for krakra fortress! map in hand, we successfully found ourselves weaving through town and onto some dirt roads. Approximately 5 minutes later, we'd arrived at the fortress!! so my big plans for hike turned out to be plans for a little stroll around town- but check out our pictures anyway! (some are stolen from apryl!)

afterwards, we headed into sofia (surprised) for some indian food! we met up with my sitemate Lincoln and his girlfriend Sevi, and a former volunteer from pernik, Brian, and his wife Maria. good times were had by all!!

On sunday, after latin mass and a fantastic vegetarian meal, apryl went back home to the Rodope mountains!! :(

THEN i met up with Vassi!!! i assume we all remember Vassi as my DC and borovets roomie, but if not, consider that your reminder!! :) we ate some dinner, caught up from her trip to india (!!!!) and then cruised around sofia on foot! we both made some interesting discoveries in town including; a new movie theater, break dancing bulgarians, many many stores with great clothes that we will never be able to afford! after some ice cream and talk about the upcoming minoirty camp committee meeting, we parted ways-

so i just wanted to say that I am doing much better, my boss still sucks but I'm willing to overlook that, and in 9 days, I will be sitting on a train to ISTANBUL!!!!!!


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