Monday, December 19, 2005

last weekend!

There's SNOW in bulgaria! I mean, real snow! really large amounts of snow! On saturday night, the first "sticking" snow fell countrywide- totally nearly 1 ft (in my best estimation)! so that's exciting, and it means that my "fridge" (ledge outside my window) is function at extremely high capacity!!

this past weekend, I was in Shumen, visiting the formerly referrenced "Ben and Jen of Shumen!" It was a good time, though I must admitt I'm not sure I can make the trip very often. First off, it cost almost 1/8 of my living allowance just to travel there, and secondly, it was a 6 hour trip AFTER my 1 1/2 trip to the central bus station in sofia!!!! so yes, there were many good times, but from now on, I'm making them come visit me!! just kidding. mostly, we just ate a lot- cooked breakfast burritos (yummy!) and went to a chinese restaurant. But jenn also introduced me to a movie called "the original family band" or something like that- which is none other than an old disney film set in 1880s dakota territory. there's song and dance. check it out!

okay, so that's not a real update, but i really wanted to post some pictures of our little posse! Also, i can't explain why they posted that way. sorry!!!!



At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Angeline said...

Play in the snow for me!!!!!!


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