Saturday, August 05, 2006


okay, i HOPE all those pictures have shown up.

so one of the many things a Peace corps volunteer has is time. some people fill that time by making friends, learning to cook, writhing a book (way to go randy!), playing an instrument, reading, etc...

well, our group of volunteers decided that the best way to spend our time was to RUN and to do it with a CAUSE.

We are trying to sponsor a group of young Bulgarian Scouts attend the World Jamboree in 2007! we're asking our friends, family, coworkers and all other blog-readers to help us send these kids to a World Jamboree! How can you help? you can make a pledge (sort of like Math-a-thon) towards the Scouts by checking out this website....
Select “Scouting in the European Scout Region”,
Select the currency “EUR, USD, and mention
“World Scout Jamboree 2007, support to Bulgaria, YOUR NAME, and the NAME OF THE PC (that's me) volunteer in whose name you are donating

about 15 of us have dedicated the past few months and the next 3 months of our lives to running the original marathon- the marathon in Athens. Not only will this be a personal accomplishment, but each mile we run will bring a young Scout in Bulgaria closer to the Jamboree.pleaseeace support the cause! we just finished week 5, and we've got 13 more to go!


At 8:01 PM, Anonymous Angeline said...

Toni, you are my inspiration! I think the only way you could get me to run a Marathon is if it was THE (original) Marathon. Keep being awesome! And happy training!


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