Tuesday, September 27, 2005

visit from the ambassador!

I can't honestly remember the last time I updated, so I'm just going to fill you in on today-

There is a new American Ambassador in Bulgaria, and he stopped by our training in Pazardjik today! He sat with us for a little bit more than an hour, and spoke very openly and honestly with us about the state of affairs in Bulgaria, what the US Embassy's (in Bulgaria) role and missions are, and how he foresees the future of Bulgaria. We were unbelievable lucky to have this meeting with him (I don't think Q&A sessions are a normal part of PC training...) and ever luckier to have such a valuable conversation with him. He served in Bulgaria before in the mid 80's when Bulgaria was an ENTIRELY different county, and had definitely one of the most loyal governments towards the USSR. He was previously the second in command in Russia, and has been in BG exactly one month today. Bulgarians like him very much, and he speaks excellent Bulgarian!

in other news, last Friday I had my mid-point language interview! This was a verbal and written test (2 parts oral, 1 part written) administered by the person who will give us our final test in about 3 weeks. I have very good news about the progress of my language, which I am not allowed to share, but I am able to tell you that I passed the examination and next week, will start additional studies outside of the formal classroom!!

I got a letter from Michael Robie! Maybe I mentioned this, maybe I didn't, but it certainly made my day to get his letter, which was filled with advice and memories of VUCC and general Vandy-ness. Thanks Michael!!

okay, that's it! hope that all is well back west- keep sending me emails! :)


At 8:04 PM, Blogger Maegen said...

Hey, I'm a B-17 in Razlog. I trained in Krichim. Noticed you're blog not only b/c of the whole Bulgaria thing, but the Nashvillians really caught me. I graduated from MTSU and lived in LaVergne! Welcome to Bulgaria; you're not in Nashville anymore!

At 2:50 PM, Blogger vassi said...

Hey Toni,
Congrats on kicking butt on your LPI! i met someone else from Tennessee on my RPCV visit...Chris, who lives close to Veliko Turnovo. I told him about you, of course. He'll be at our joints training next HUB. Hope you're well and see you soon, chica,


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