Wednesday, September 07, 2005

My schedule for next week

side note-

friday, we are visiting an orphanage with the other youth development (YD) trainees, so we'll be out of town.
Saturday, we are going to a seminar on BG's accession into the EU. I'M SO EXCITED for this day-long seminar- you have no idea. anyway, its in plovdiv, so we'll be gone all day.

monday, we have another HUB session in Pazardjik. this is a VERY important day, because I find out my permenant site in BG!!!!!!! we stay in p-town until wed. morning, when we travel TO our permenant site. I think we will return to Ceptemvri on friday evening, and hopefully recuperate from an entire week of travel! needless to say, i probably won't have phone/email access during this time.

okay, have a great week!


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