Monday, September 05, 2005

quick update- more tomorrow

hello from pazardjik! i am the home of my "cousin" right now, waiting for pizza! okay, so its not quite the same as americanized pizza- but I can successfully pronounce the name of what i'm I like that a lot! :)

I had another amazing weekend- one that included travel and hiking- more on that later.

today, i had an evaluation meeting. this evaluation was very important for my site placement in bulgaria, and my teacher says that I did very well. hooray!! in addition, my teacher stopped by my home to see how I am getting along and to speak with my family/aunt. this was basically a 2 hour meeting that closely resembled a parent-teacher conference. eeep! it turned out quite well though, and i'm pleased to say that my family likes me very much. that's good, because I like them too!

I had to update- its free internet!



At 5:41 PM, Blogger vassi said...

hey Toni,
Just dropping in to send you some love and virtual hugs from Krichim. Hope you're well in Septemvri. See you soon!

At 9:51 AM, Anonymous alfie said...

I'm thinking Darlene's parent/teacher conference from "Roseanne:" "Toni's a joy to have in class ... but it's her barking that's causing a problem ... "


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